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How does Mirror 360 impact employee turnover?

Depends on job-person fit. While Mirror 360 may initially reveal mismatches leading to turnover, it ultimately fosters a healthier, more aligned workforce for long-term morale and satisfaction.

What is Mirror 360's primary benefit for employees?

Empower your career through honest, anonymous feedback. Mirror 360 fosters real collaboration, cutting through office politics and allowing your work to truly speak for itself.

How does Mirror 360 benefit managers and leaders?

Gain an accurate pulse on team performance and morale. Mirror 360 offers leaders a transparent view for more effective decision-making, enhancing employee performance through a continuous, automated 360 feedback loop.

Does the M360 score influence pay raises and promotions?

Potentially. Mirror 360 insights may supplement other performance metrics, helping employers make informed decisions about pay raises and promotions.

What motivates employees to be honest in Mirror 360?

The prospect of a better work environment by recognizing and rewarding deserving colleagues is a strong incentive to be honest, while the simplicity of reflections and guaranteed anonymity minimize the cost of speaking out.

Does Mirror 360 foster a culture of reward or punishment?

Mirror 360 focuses on truth, not competition. It's about personal growth and fair management decisions, with privacy-protected scores to minimize unhealthy competition.

How does Mirror 360 avoid favoritism in feedback and scoring?

By surveying the entire network of colleagues and applying statistical adjustments, Mirror 360 minimizes the impact of bias, ensuring a fair and balanced feedback process.

Are Mirror 360 reflections mandatory?

Reflections are optional but strongly encouraged. Opting out effectively negates your perspective on what's happening at work. Others' perspectives count, make sure so it yours.

How is Mirror 360 different from all HR-focused SaaS?

Mirror 360 stands out with its external administration, continuous feedback, and automated insights based on engaging, employee-focused, standardized reflections.

What is the frequency of feedback on job performance?

Employees receive weekly refreshes on their team's overall perspective on their performance; individual teammates may reflect on a person only once every few weeks.

How does Mirror 360 ensure anonymity in feedback?

As an independent party, Mirror 360 ensures your reflections can't be traced back by anyone within your organization, maintaining a safe space for honest feedback.

Who can view an employee's M360 score?

Your direct superiors and HR leadership exclusively. Scores are private, fostering a non-competitive, growth-oriented environment.

How long is the M360 score retained in the system?

Scores are kept throughout your tenure for trend analysis or reset with new assignments, ensuring both relevance and privacy.

How is the M360 score calculated?

Based on a proprietary method considering recent and relevant peer feedback, with higher weightage for reflections from well-regarded coworkers.

What constitutes a good or bad M360 score?

Scores range from 0-360. Lower scores suggest misalignment; mid-range, areas for improvement; high scores indicate strong performance and team alignment. Generally, scores in the 100's indicate lower mid-range, scores in the 200's higher mid-range.

Who is qualitative feedback visible to?

Comments are confidential, seen only by the recipient. This keeps the focus on constructive feedback for personal development.

What is the expected time commitment of users of Mirror 360?

There are three type of users: Admins manage basic info; leaders view performance and fulfillment reports; and all employees reflect and see their self-awareness reports; all roles require minimal time commitment (<10 min/week).

Is it possible to change a reflection after submission?

Reflections are final to capture point-in-time perspectives. They lessen in significance over time, with future opportunities for updated reflections.

How is my reflectors' and my privacy protected?

Your privacy and that of all reflectors is a top priority. With its best-in-class, encrypted, cloud-based technology My Mirror 360 allows for your personal data and feedback to remain secure. Furthermore, this data is exclusively used for the purposes of delivering and improving on the core functionality of our solution.

Who can see the feedback and my performance metrics?

Only you, the reflecteee, get to read qualitative feedback left anonymously by your teams. Performance metrics, inlcuding your strengths and weaknesses, are visible only to you and your direct "line of command", all the way to the very top!

How is my personal data and feedback protected?

My Mirror 360 adheres to strict data privacy regulations and employs robust security measures to safeguard this type of information. Visibility of insights is automatically applied on a need-to-know basis within the organization, after insuring anonymity of all reflections.